Redford Brightmoor Initiative

Our New Covenant Partnership!

Good Shepherd is delighted to announce that we are now a covenant partner committed to supporting the Redford Brightmoor Initiative in northwest Detroit with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.

This non-profit is affiliated with Redford-Aldersgate United Methodist Church.  The initiative is taking the actions to improve the quality of life and build relationships in one of the city’s most economically depressed neighborhoods including clean-up, community gardens and the Brightmoor Free Store.

 The Brightmoor neighborhood is less than 10 miles away from Good Shepherd but when considering statistics, it is a VERY long way:

  • $16,956 average household income
  • $6,798 average per capita income
  • 79% below poverty level
  • Over 90% single parent households
  • 30% have not graduated from High School


Our Covenant Partnership involves supporting this initiative with our:

Prayers.  We commit to praying regularly for a spirit of renewal in the church and throughout the community outreach.

Presence and Service.  We commit to participating in at least one service opportunity during the year.  Our fifth Sunday clothing drive will support the Brightmoor Free Store.  (Donations will also continue to be directed to Baldwin Center in Pontiac.)

Gifts.  We commit to an annual gift equivalent to $2 per member.

Witness.  We will share the stories.

Learn more about the exciting things happening at this link and check back here often for our involvement!