The Fold (Newsletter)

Why is our monthly newsletter called The Fold?

Every shepherd is charged with taking care of a fold. Jesus is our shepherd - the Good Shepherd - and all who believe are his fold. The newsletter is our chance to let you know what we're doing to take care of the community, both inside and outside the walls of the church building. We hope you'll take a moment and take a look at what we're up to in The Fold.

December 2019

Come celebrate the Advent season with Good Shepherd & Lord's Birth on Christmas Eve at 7pm!

November 2019

Important Charge Conference vote coming December 11. Read the Fold for more details.

October 2019

Meet our NEW Staff and Church Members! Engage: Cass Community Social Services;

September 2019

Farewell to Fauna, Excursion to Detroit, Engage: Bishop Judith Children's Home, WERE HIRING

August 2019

Taking in all the summer that God has provided we are having an Ice Cream Sundae on Sunday August 18 after worship. AND Pastor Bob will be hosting inquiry classes for all stages of faith who want to know more about Christianity or the United Methodist Church.

July 2019

Congratulations to our Graduates and newly Baptized. May God Bless you on your journey!

April 2018 Fold

Good Shepherd is hopping in April! Take a look and see where you can join!

March 2019 Fold

Looking ahead is the theme with sermons focusing around the book discussion from, "Who Stole My Church". We look ahead to the Lent and Easter season with Ash Wednesday services on March 6th.

February 2019 Fold

January 2019 Fold

Happy New Year! Jesus is unchanging in out ever changing world. We welcome new members with joyful new beginnings.

December 2018 Fold

Christmas Eve Candlelight and Communion Service is December 24th at 7:00 PM. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

November 2018 Fold

We welcome our Brothers and Sisters in Christ from Warren Valley UMC! There are many ways to love, serve and grow at Good Shepherd.

October 2018 Fold

Join us this October as we explore the charge from the Greater Detroit District Conference in challenging our faith and actions as Christians. To SERVE greater focuses on community ministries. To LOVE greater inspires our decisions and actions. To BE greater leads us to consider our entire being as a gift to God.

September 2018 Fold

BOOK STUDY AT GOOD SHEPHERD UMC: “The Church Guide for Making Decisions Together” by Terence Corkin and Julia Kuhn Wallace.--------- INVITATION TO ALL UMC Attendees in the Detroit District: You are invited to attend the Annual Conference!

August 2018 Fold

Red Bird Mission of the Month, Pastor Bob's thoughts on sharing our faith, plus more mission and fellowship opportunities.

July 2018 Fold

We welcome Pastor Bob Sielaff

June 2018 Fold

Find out what classes are taking a break for the summer and who our mission spotlight is! Also, information about Pastor Lim's farewell Sunday at Good Shepherd.

May 2018 Fold

-Learn about the May mission spotlight, Liberia Task Force Project. - As well as how the Dearborn Community Food Pantry is impacting our community. -Information for all graduates wishing to be recognized on Graduation Sunday.

April 2018 Fold

Holy Week Activities and Easter Celebrations, plus a spotlight on the Brightmoor Aldersgate Initiative, Detroit and more.

March 2018 Fold

March highlights the Society of St. Andrew Potato and Produce Project. Lent continues thru March with a Lenten book study and many opportunities to serve and ends with Holy Week activities.

February 2018 Fold

Celebrations of Congregational life and a look ahead to the Lenten season.

January 2018 Fold

As the New Year begins and we think of resloutions, Pastor Lim gives some thoughts on "The Cross of Christ as a Way of Living". There are plenty of opportunities to serve the community and grow in your relationship with God at Good Shepherd. Find your space grow!

December 2017 Fold

Come celebrate Advent and the Christmas season at Good Shepherd. There are many ways to watch, prepare, behold and rejoice!

November 2017 Fold

Pastor Lim reminds us of Wesley's teachings about using money, we prepare for the Charge Conference in December, invite you to prayerfully consider servant opportunities at Good Shepherd, and convene to discuss and clarify the 213 Assessment Recommendations.

October 2017 Fold

This month we pay tribute to longtime Good Shepherd member, Delores Lebeck, begin thinking about Advent, and make plans for a FUNd Raiser before Thanksgiving.

September 2017 Fold

The recommendations from our assessment are in! Choir and prayer shawls start up again, and we have a new junior church-esque program this season! School supplies are still being collected, and Pastor Lim reflects on being almost a Christian vs altogether a Christian.

August 2017 Fold

Pastor Lim reflects on the power of the Holy Spirit over the church, our assessment team has an update, and we're having a picnic! Also, we look forward to the beginning of a new school year (sorry, kids) by collecting supplies for a neighborhood elementary school.

July 2017 Fold

Pastor Lim reflects on the power of the Holy Spirit and we begin an assessment process. Also, we celebrate our grads, look forward to a baptism, and start trying to decide what kind of frozen deliciousness to bring to an ice cream social!

June 2017 Fold

Wednesday evening prayer meetings and Saturday morning Bible study are starting up, and Pastor Lim reflects on the gospel of prosperity and the gospel of Christ.

May 2017 Fold

Pastor Lim reflects on what it means to be made in the image of God, our last Spaghetti Dinner of the season is upon us, and we're having a picnic! We also have a meeting with Rev. Tom Waller, and look forward to Graduation Sunday.

April 2017 Fold

Holy Week is (already!) upon us, Pastor Lim reflects on what the resurrection means, and we're helping send kids to camp.

March 2017 Fold

We begin a Galatians Bible study, it's NOAH Sack Lunch time again, and Pastor Lim reflects on how music and art are related to God's grace.

February 2017 Fold

We have another way to help out the Food Pantry, learn about this year's mission giving opportunities, and we have a potluck coming up. Also, this month's Spaghetti Dinner proceeds go to Blessings in a Backpack, to keep schoolkids fed on the weekends! Please plan to join us!

January 2017 Fold

Happy New Year! We continue supporting our monthly Food Pantry, and this month's Spaghetti Dinner proceeds will benefit the pantry. Pastor Lim has a fruitfulness project coming up, and he offers some insight into John Wesley's "The Way to the Kingdom".

December 2016 Fold

It's the Christmas season! We have two Joy Rides coming up, we'll be treated to a presentation of the Nativity, and we continue working to keep our Food Pantry well-stocked. We adopt a family in need this Christmas while Pastor Lim reflects on what the season really means.

November 2016 Fold

Our next Joy Ride is upon us, it's (already!) time for the Hanging of the Greens, and the Food Pantry needs restocking! Also, learn about a familiar community service provider, which is part of November's Mission of the Month!

October 2016 Fold

Our Spaghetti Dinners start up again, Pastor Lim meditates on the 119th Psalm, and we're going to Heritage Park!

September 2016 Fold

Get to know our new bishop and learn about this year's Hands4Detroit projects; choir and God's Love in ACTion start up again; Pastor Lim gives us some insight into Job.

August 2016 Fold

July 2016 Fold

June 2016 Fold

May 2016 Fold

April 2016 Fold

March 2016 Fold

February 2016 Fold

January 2016 Fold

December 2015 Fold

December is an exciting month as we prepare to celebrate Christmas. Check out all of the activities and ministries coming up and celebrate the successes from November!

November 2015 Fold

Great photos of past events and oodles of things coming up!

October 2015 Fold

Exciting news about the new Sunday school experience, our involvement with Redford-Brightmoor Initiative and upcoming special events!

September 2015 Fold

As we kick off a new school year, there are many opportunities to check out. Celebrate the success of the Lexys Lamp Prayer Vigil and Fundraiser Spaghetti Dinner and much, much more.

August 2015 Fold

Check out the changes coming in the food pantry, consider upcoming opportunities including Joy Rides, Prayer Walks, and the July 31 spaghetti dinner. And take time for Sabbath as Pastor Doug suggests!

July 2015 Fold

Learn about changes in our conference structure, our upcoming prayer walks and joy rides and our "Just One Thing" in July.

June 2015 Fold

Check out ways to get involved with our new partnership with the Redford-Brightmoor Initiative, join the new study starting on June 10, and read about the recent Annual Conference...and much, much more!

May 2015 Fold

Announcing our new local covenant partnership with Redford Brightmoor! Celebrating our support of Imagine No Malaria and many exciting upcoming opportunities.

April 2015 Fold

Read about our "Taking It to the Streets" activities and our upcoming Conference Covenant Offering. There are activities for everyone!

March 2015 Fold

Read about the Prayer Walks starting in March, our support of the N.O.A.H. Project in downtown Detroit, the exciting events coming at LOGOS and much, much more!

February 2015 Fold

January 2015 Fold

December 2014 Fold

There are many opportunities during December to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Learn more about all that is going on at Good Shepherd this month! This is also a great month to learn more about and support El Buen Pastor UMC in southwest Detroit. Look ahead at studies and mission opportunities happening in future months and read recaps from recent events.

November 2014 Fold

Read about our recent "Pep Rally" (Charge Conference) and Blessings of the Animals. Learn how you can get involved in an upcoming study or donating to Christmas baskets.

October 2014 Fold

Find out what's coming up including the October 11 Blessing of the Animals, choir happenings, our October mission of the month, El Buen Pastor, and a visit from the Mayor to Blessings in a Backpack!

September 2014 Fold

Read about our new Children and Youth Sunday School schedule beginning Sept 7, a new season of LOGOS Youth Club, Pastor Doug's column on radical hospitality, the announcement of a generous gift to our Endowment, and much, much more!

August 2014 Fold

Pastor Doug shares his first column with us and Chris Hillier brings us photos from his Continental Divide hike.

July 2014 Fold